Art Book 01 By Vaughn Jennings-White Book Preview I have been working tirelessly to put a book of artwork together and I finally did it!! Nearly two quarters later I was able to… Continue reading

Space Cadets

I want to start putting up some of my sketches in anticipation for a book of my work that I hope to create by the time I graduate. Process is very important and… Continue reading


I think my layouts will probably reflect the theme of the particular piece I’m working on, but I want to make sure that every image has my name and email visible in the… Continue reading


Doe is a telepathic with telekinetic and physic abilities. She is also deaf, mute, and a quadriplegic. This turnaround is her ideal form that she uses to disrupt her enemies. Doe is an… Continue reading

Card Samples

I created a production company known as Distinguished Whale. It took me a minute to create cards for the company, but I came up with a long and short card.

Blackbeard sketches and turnarounds

Secret Agent Turnarounds

dreaded Logos

I was tasked with the awesome responsibility of creating a logo to represent myself. Only problem is, I’m horrible at creating logos that represent anything. Branding is an art that I’m trying to… Continue reading