The Laughing Castle!

This is the first concept sketches 4 the laughing castle in Rabbit’s Foot! Advertisements

The Morning After Pill

This is a conceptual storyboard I started working on a few years ago. I only created 3 images so far, but the story was meant to follow two girls journey through a cataclysmic… Continue reading

T-Shirt Time!!!

I love tee design an I’ve been bouncing this idea off myself (brushing away tear) 4 a cool rocket pop themed shirt.

Once Upon A Time In Japan

I studied abroad in Japan back in the day and while I was there, I started working on my take on graffiti with some coo tag artists in Sendai.



More than three years ago I lived in Detroit and I was fascinated with comics, so much so that I started an online comic of my own. Back then I had big ideas,… Continue reading


Lately, I’ve been really into warriors as my previous post lays out, but I’ve also tried to get back into watercolors. In my tiny apartment, I’d say this is the only medium that… Continue reading

sketch dump

I recently graduated with a degree in Media Arts & Animation and now I have so much time on my hands. In these times there’s nothing better for me to do than draw.… Continue reading


When I was testing my website online I noticed that the other sites had little icons embedded in their tabs. A little research revealed that those little images are favicons and you can… Continue reading

Website and New Book

It took a minute to create, but i finally put up a website and I plan to purchase a domain name later on. For the most part I’m happy with the site. There… Continue reading