A few pages from Rabbits Foot

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Meet Tally

These are the first few sketches I did for Tally. She’s the main character of Rabbit’s Foot, a children book written by Paige White and illustrated by myself VBJ. Tally is a little… Continue reading

The Juniper Tree (character turnarounds & backgrounds)

Process Work An important aspect of the development process is process, procESS, PROCESS!! There’s so much ground work that needs to be laid in the road to a finished product. Something as trivial… Continue reading

The Juniper Tree (characters sketches)

The Juniper Tree The Juniper Tree has many gr8 characters and I had a fun time creating character sketches for the stop motion feature. I focused the most on Marleen or Marlinchen (little… Continue reading

The Juniper Tree (storyboard 4 trailer)

I want to create a stop-motion short of the Brother’s Gremm classic The Juniper Tree, which I’ll probably start production very soon. This is the storyboard for the Juniper Tree. Read The Juniper… Continue reading


I’m hard at work today working on my 5 minutes of Fame presentation!!! The pills have been popped and I’m back to work finally. Feels good 2 be working again 😉


Nearly a year ago I listened to the audio book of Alice in Wonderland (don’t judge) and I was inspired to do a few sketches.

Concept Sketches

I love to sketch in my spare time…meaning all the time

5 mins of fame Jan 19th 2011…BE THERE or B Square!

I’m very excited to be presenting my work and speaking about my process and future endeavors at 5 min of Fame held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), located in North Miami.… Continue reading

Many Moons Ago